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Sotheby’s Opens Bidding for Warhol, Dalí Works to Online Audience

Behind the scenes at Sotheby's May Exhibitions

Auction house Sotheby’s is making it easier for consumers to bid on art from contemporary and modern masters through eBay’s live auction platform.

The Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale on May 10 and the Contemporary Art Day Auction on May 12 will be accessible to eBay’s millions of active buyers, who can sign up to bid live. This opens up museum-quality pieces to a wider international clientele, potentially raising the amount these pieces will go for.

Art online!

The partnership between international auction house Sotheby’s and online auctioneer eBay allows for more storytelling, according to executives from both brands at the Details Tech & Tastemakers Summit in 2014.

Through the partnership, announced that July, Sotheby’s opens some of its live auctions to eBay’s audience, as well as giving the auction house more of a platform to share content about pieces with an online audience. Providing more context helps as Sotheby’s sells more items to bidders who cannot see the product in person.

Increasingly Digital!

Sotheby’s has been adapting to the increasingly digital world with new touchpoints.

In December, the auctioneer established an Apple TV channel, which enables it to host live events and deliver content to consumers’ televisions.

Sotheby’s is also writing its next chapter with the launch of a mobile application for iPhone and iPad.

The multinational corporation was established more than 270 years ago and continues to thrive, indicating a willingness to adapt to changes technological and otherwise, with the app being merely the latest step. An increased mobile presence is a necessary step in connecting with an increasingly mobile audience.

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