Spaces We Love: Please Come In

October 31, 2017

There's always something magical about a room with a piano.  It allows you to hear the music even in the silence...  

We retreat to the spaces that make us feel relaxed when we are overwhelmed with day-to-day activities.  We listen to the soothing sound of the Fountain while we sit comfortably beneath a covered sanctuary.  

We gather together in the kitchen where cooking is more of a social activity than a routine... embracing its diverse uses and celebrating them to their fullest.

After all, you deserve a place of your own... a private retreat at the end of the day where you can lower the lights, escape with a good book or peruse your ipad and unwind.  

Or Sneak away through your own private door and relax by the fire beneath the big open sky. 

 A truly spa-like experience in the master tub with a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere that promotes peace of mind.  

The front door is the gateway to your home.  The path that leads to it sets the tone and expectation for what goes on behind it. please come in... 


Offering at $1,495,000 

1703 Windsor Place

Nichols Hills



Kermit Brown

Luxury Real Estate

"Whenever Fine Homes Are Sold"


Nichols Hills   Gaillardia   Fairview Farm   Saratoga Farms   Esperanza   Oak Tree   Grand Estate Homes 


 Ranches and Land   Mulholland   Black Oak at Iron Horse   Rose Creek 













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