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NYC is Home to the Most Expensive Hotel Suite

Taking up temporary residence in The Mark Hotel’s new suite will set you back about $75,000 per night! At 12,500 square feet, The Mark’s penthouse debuted in September 2015 and offers five bedrooms, six baths, a ballroom and a rooftop terrace. Not only is it the largest hotel room on New York’s Upper East Side, but the duplex is the largest suite in the United States.

Guests of the suite determine every detail of their experience prior to their arrival, from which linens are used on the beds to selecting custom-fit house slippers and engraved stationery.

The only suite in the U.S. that comes close to rivaling the price is the Ty Warner penthouse at the Four Seasons, which costs $45,000. Meanwhile, the top room globally is at Hotel President Wilson Geneva, Switzerland with a rate of $67,000 for 12 bedrooms.

Twilight on the Terrace Suite

The Mark Restaurant Lounge

Rooftop Terrace at The Mark

The Mark Façade at Night

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