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FLWR SHOP: Nashville / 10 Stunning Arrangements

Luxury isn't all about real estate. Kermit likes to call it 'The Art of Real Estate' because we are always expanding our knowledge and looking for ways to incorporate 'Luxury' into a lifestyle. So, it seemed appropriate to share with you a special find during a recent trip to a leadership conference in Nashville. A group of us were headed to breakfast last month and perfectly poised on the hostess counter was this breathtaking floral arrangement with the most saturated and vivid colors known to man. I think my heart skipped a beat! I was obsessed with the look and feel and waited around until I found someone who could tell me where they came from. A polite gentleman finally told me the flower shop in Nashville, which I later found to be 'FLWR' SHOP in Nashville! Below is a photo taken from my iphone:

They were so fresh and fragrant, but the only flowers I recognized were the peonies. So, upon further investigation, via google, I realized this local Nashville shop is chocked full of local and exotic flowers. So, just for fun - I've added a feast for the senses below!

Here's more about their story....

All photos and florals by FLWR SHOP, Nashville, TN.

kermit brown

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