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Synonymous With Luxury Real Estate Are the Creative Visionaries ~Architects, Builders & Designer

You can't have a career that caters to the luxury lifestyle if you don't stay globally connected to high-end real estate. Meet the extraordinary talent of Ferris Rafauli, Golden Boy of architectural design with an impressive portfolio and black book of celebrity clientele.

Stamping his name on stately homes in affluent pockets all across Ontario, Rafauli’s offerings — which have recently expanded to include a celebrity’s VIP lounge, brand collaborations and the FR luxury furniture collection — are fast and furious, sleek, sexy and nothing short of jaw dropping.

Impeccably dressed, Rafauli, is a reflection of the high-luxury design and quality he puts back into the world. In a 'Dolce' article by Simona Panetta-Kerr, Rafauli says, “I have an appreciation for nice stuff because I respect the work that goes into it. I’m in the game of understanding it; it’s in my DNA,” says the owner of several exotic wheels, which include the 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB. “So it’s not just a designer jacket or a fast car — it’s about the appreciation of what it took to make it.”

Building a home from the ground up often requires a complicated web of architects, contractors, and designers working in tandem to finish the job. But Rafauli prefers to design the architecture, the interiors, the furniture and the landscape and then build the elements, controlling all facets of the design process to completion.

“For those who are looking to achieve greatness, you cannot do so without passion,” says Rafauli. Some of the world’s most successful visionaries have been criticized for their seemingly impossible pursuits and inconceivable daydreams. Ferris Rafauli is living proof that the passion inside of you is greater than the obstacle.

"The sweet life for me is being able to be happy at work and happy with who I’m working with because that makes me feel good — it very much influences my mood and it influences my design. If you’re not happy, you can’t buy that.”

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Sources: Architectural Digest, Ferris Rafauli, Dolce Magazine

Photo Credit to Ferris Rafauli, Dolce Magazine

Article by Ashley Lacks

insta: ashley.lacks

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