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  • Ashley Lacks

2019: What's Trending in Interior Design

Although a well -appointed space will stand the test of time, we do tend to draw cues, even if momentarily, from the here and now. We're a few months in to 2019, so here's a look at what's trending.

Industrial looks and large empty spaces with clean lines and minimal details have given way to more luxurious textures and materials. Furnishings are larger and more plush with elaborate detailing. Polished woods are replacing weathered woods, lending a sleeker more refined feel. Believe it or not, subway tile is sliding in popularity and colorful mosaics, glass tiles and marbles are inching in.

'Layering', the use of mixed materials and textures is en vogue and stimulates tactile responses, not just visual pleasantry. You can now appreciate the 'touch' or 'feel' of say - your wallpaper. Velvets, furs, and varying shades of the same color also contribute to the richness and dimension of a space.

And even more shockingly to some, many spaces that would normally be painted white are now being replaced with black hues, creating dramatic, sexy and unexpected silhouettes. Black is also very popular in kitchens and with appliances. You can customize range hoods, cabinetry and islands while using white as an accent color rather than the dominant color.

Incorporating pieces and influences from different eras is more popular than ever as we are seeing more of a 'global expression' of historical and international art and furnishings. Bespoke pieces from craftsman and local artisans is also seeing a rise, as people seek unique pieces that are not available to everyone. After all, who wants to live in a showroom? As for metals, polished and tailored with different iterations of silvers, brass and gold are all being used and often combined.

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