Luxury Real Estate: The Multi-Million Dollar Wellness Home

So, what is a 'Wellness Home' ? ...

Haling from the millennial generation of 'Goop' enthusiasts, you could say it's a home offered for sale and being marketed to the health-conscious. It's the latest luxury development catering to prospective buyers with deep pockets and self-care in mind. It seems to be a growing trend with those committed to quality of life and longevity. It's a lifestyle. Neighborhoods are being designed around this utopian theme of holistic health.

For a cool $12.2 million, you can scoop up a six-bedroom, 6,300-square-foot "Wellness" home in Beverly Hills. It comes fully loaded with amenities like a Peleton bike and access to a detoxing Scandinavian Hydrotherapy hot/cold treatment, said to improve circulation. Also included and enticing is a package of private yoga classes as well as your own personal 'juiceologist' for the first three months.

Reportedly, last year, the global wellness real estate market was a $134 billion industry, a number expected to grow to $180 billion 2022, the Global Wellness Institute estimates.

The Millennial generation seems to be driven with a priority of self-care, clean eating and holistic approaches to health and fitness. Luxury Real Estate seems to have partnered up and is joining the movement.

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