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Art, Architecture & Wine

There's a romantic notion that comes along with being a connoisseur of fine wine. The mere thought of jetting off to the Wine Country where the vibrant colors of the season provide a scenic backdrop as you leave your worries behind for tranquil breeze and pleasant conversation. Or the way an admirer of Fine Art appreciates the way passion becomes form and Architects focus on the relationship between earth, man and materials. These things shed light on the importance of a 200-pound door that opens to a balanced collaboration of art, architecture and wine. Since the Robert Mondavi Winery opening in 1966, Architects like, Howard Backen, started connecting the dots. "For many years, people in the business of producing the best wine possible would find the best piece of land, hire the best vineyard manager and the best winemaker," Backen said. "Now they are looking for the person in architecture who knows the most about it."

Wine cellars and wine rooms are still popular in new home construction as well as the remodeling of existing living spaces. What is most recently taking place is the incorporation of these spaces into daily life. Wine rooms are on prominent display with each homeowner creating their own artistic interpretation. It's no longer just about the "wine". It's about the experience. Wineries have turned those "moments" into "memories" with thoughtful color pallets and hiring Interior Designers that understand the harmony. This is what homeowners are trying to accomplish without leaving on a jet plane. With careful consideration and planning, they aren't leaving serendipity to chance when searching for their own perfect blend.

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