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Live like a Celebrity...

Celebrity Home Rentals.

After all, famous people really are just ‘people’. They make investments and want those investments to work for them. If they own a property that they rarely ever occupy, why not make money on it? Some celebrities choose to maintain their anonymity, but those that don’t seem to fetch better profits by allowing the curious tendencies of the fortunate more than a peak through a tour bus window. Staying in a legend’s current or former home can be as easy as a mouse click.

So, why not say yes to living vicariously through the use of private pools, gourmet kitchens and panoramic views? Disappear into the carefully restored home of Harry Houdini, a popular party place thanks to a 5 acre spread with an outdoor pool and intriguing amount of Houdini memorabilia. The original Hollywood Hills mansion burned down in 1959, but thankfully after the restoration, it regained its elusive charm. Or maybe cookin’ in Paula Deen’s kitchen at the‘Y’all Come Inn’ is more to your liking. It’s stocked with all of Paula’s cookbooks and features a big welcoming Georgian front porch. It’s located on Tybee Island, about 20 minutes from Savannah and only a few blocks from the beach. John Mellencamp and Sandra Bullock have owned homes there. Even Olympic skier, Bode Miller and his professional beach volleyball player wife, Morgan Beck, are in on the rental action. Guests can expect spectacular Mount Washington views from this New Hampshire estate. Stone fireplaces, soaking tubs and all things warm and cozy are to be expected here. And what do Denzel Washington and Jimmy Page have in common? Well, a Malibu estate! History runs deep at this estate; it’s rumored that Captain & Tennille, the unforgettable pop music duo from the 1970’s, once lived here with a chimpanzee. Floor to ceiling windows on a sprawling 8 acre tract in the bluffs overlooking Broad and Zuma beaches for around $490 a night seems alluring.

If you’re interested in living like a celebrity, why not give it a trial run? I bet Frank Sinatra had a lot of fun at Twin Palms, so give it a whirl… After all, life is no dress rehearsal!

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