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Carefully Crafted with Thoughtful Detail...Designing the Perfect Closet

The walk-in closet can be one of the most personalized spaces in your home. After all, it’s where we house the wardrobes that represent our every mood, from our professional appearance to casual comfort. Whether high-heels or cuff links, paying special attention to the way they are stored and displayed can add ease to our brisk morning routine and nightly rituals.

From dark rich hardwoods to sleek and modern, there’s a multitude of bespoke cabinetry options to fit your acquired taste. Your shopping and lifestyle habits should influence your closet design in the way that you allocate space. If your passport is well-worn, then you may want to store some cosmetic jewelry in ‘travel’ cases. If you like to sit back and relax while perusing your collection of sport coats, then perhaps a comfy chair for lounging would be a nice touch. And you should always have a full-length mirror with proper lighting. Some additional suggestions for customization include: Rotating Carousels, Clothes Hampers, Built-in TV’s & Music Players, Suede Jewelry Drawers, Swing-Rods, Extension Pull-Out Shelves with Dividers, Glass Divided Lingerie Drawers, Removable Storage/Travel Cases for Ties and Jewelry, Pull-Out Hooks to Display Wardrobe Options, Glass Doors to Protect Sensitive Garments, Fold-Down Ironing Board, Storage Boxes for Hats & Handbags and an Electronic Safe for Valuables.

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