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Safra Family Puts NY Townhouses on Market for $120 Million

Joseph Safra, has reportedly put three modernized ‘guilded age’ neighboring townhouses in Manhattan, New York, on the market with an asking price of $120 million. The Safra family owns a fourth house next to the triplet townhouses, which is also on the market for an additional $35 million.

The Safra family, a discerningly private group, avoid media coverage at all costs and have been quietly marketing the homes as ‘pocket listings’ for over a year. The Safra’s originated in Aleppo, Syria, where they were traders before a circuitous route via Lebanon that eventually landed them in Brazil. The eldest, Joseph Safra, is reportedly the world’s richest banker. The family’s billions include a large stake in the General Motors Building and last fall purchased the Norman Foster- designed Gherkin building in London for $1.1 billion. The Safra family traces its banking roots all the way back to the Ottoman Empire with Edmond Safra’s great-great grandfather.

(Sources: New York Post, the Daily Mail, Wealth X) Photo Credit to Kenneth Chen / Evan joseph Image

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