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Aman Resorts; Ultra Luxury Brand Proves to Have Staying Power

Despite years of shareholder disputes, the ultra-luxury brand of Aman Resorts has stayed strong due to a loyal following that refuses to holiday anywhere else. Most Aman Resorts are located in remote parts of Asia, are known for their beauty, impeccable design style, discretion and privacy. The exclusivity comes with a hefty price and can linger around $12,000 a night with only 20-30 suites per location. This is the hotel for privacy-seeking multi-millionaires and celebrities. Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney sealed their nuptials at the historic Aman Canal Grand in Venice. So it’s no surprise this is a brand worth fighting over and has been the subject of many shareholder tug-of-wars.

Currently, a fight for legal control is going on amongst lead investors, Russian billionaire, Vladislay Doronin and American, Omar Amanat. Founded in 1988 by Indonesian Entrepreneur, Adrain Zecha, now 82, who remains a minority shareholder. According to sources, Zecha is as busy as ever seeking to fight for his vision of Aman to remain untouched.

Until London’s high court decides which shareholder obtains legal ownership, its business as usual at resort level for the group. Aman added a new city hotel in Tokyo to its 27 existing properties, which signified a new direction into urban retreats. Also planned will be a resort hotel in the Dominican Republic and a treetop hideaway in Bali.

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