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NEW LUXURY: 'The Clocktower'

Michelin-starred Chef Jason Atherton's US debut was celebrated last May with the opening of The Clocktower, the New York EDITION's seasonally inspired food and drink restaurant offering updated classics and British fare. With three distinctly styled dining rooms, there's a sip and taste for every palate.

Ian Schrager, hospitality entrepreneur, known for his boutique approach has finally married glamour and minimalism with the perfect balance of freedom and restraint. Lobby socializing is en vogue at Edition and there's no better place to linger over playful cocktails.

Designed to incorporate the original mahogany wainscoting with herringbone oak floors - but lend hand to a modern visual provocation. A dense collection of photographs in opulent gold-leaf frames of New York street scenes and celebrities from different eras grace the walls with their stories.

“It is impossible to label this look,” says Schrager. “And rightly so. We are never out for a look. We are out for a feel and an experience.”

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