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Floyd Mayweather's Luxury Real Estate Portfolio Will Knock Your Socks Off!

More than $100 million for an hour of work? Not too bad... And who is paying for this lavish lifestyle? People like us - with pay-per-view revenues soaring past $400 million and ticket prices around $500-10k, give or take a few!

Whether or not you believe his technique shows much flash, his lifestyle certainly does! Mayweather has invested his fortune in luxury cars totalling more than $15 million and a collection of diamond-encrusted watches like the $1.1 million Hublot timepiece he flaunted in London last month. And, as the CEO of the lifestyle brand, The Money Team, Mayweather is no stranger to supersized sponsorships. According to the New York Post, Mayweather will make $15 million in sponsorship money on his shorts alone.

So, where does Mayweather call home? Well,depends on what day it is. His luxury real estate portfolio is pretty extensive. Two popular and very posh pads include his original Big Boy Mansion in Vegas and a recent purchase of a sweet spread in Miami Beach. And then of course, he gave us a hint that he may have purchased another piece of luxury real estate that is sure to knock your socks off!

Below is a tour of the original Big Boy Mansion in Vegas and his digs in Miami.

He is also the owner of several other Vegas real estate investments including a mansion he purchased back in 2005 for a little over $3 million, in the guard-gated community of Mountain Trails. Also in Sin City, the flashy boxer spent nearly $2 million at the Palms Place in Vegas on a penthouse unit that overlooks the strip from the 55th floor.

And he must like it hot because he still owns a penthouse place at the St. Tropez Condominiums in Miami Beach. (As seen below!)

And still favoring the sunshine, Mayweather also keeps a place in SoCal at the Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles, where he’s a hit with the valet staff. (As seen below!)

If you're not impressed by his luxury real estate portfolio - his fight was hyped as one of the biggest sporting events in history!

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